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With the recent increase in COVID we have moved to virtual again!

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We are an Open and Affirming church of the United Church of Christ.  All are welcome to worship and serve with us!

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The Second Congregational Church, UCC, 205 Main Street, Norway, Maine experienced a flood. It was not of Biblical proportions, like in the story of Noah and the Ark. However, when our water heater let go in our basement, it flooded a large section of our church basement. Damage was done to the old tile floor in our kitchen, dining room and ell, a classroom, our thrift shop and storage space.  Because the old tiles were made with asbestos, removing and replacing will require time and special handling before we can install new flooring.


Our church is in the process of preparing for the floor work to be done and we will need to utilize space throughout our church to store basement items.    You, our Oxford Hills community, have been great in supporting our community church, thrift shop/yard sale with many donations. Our barn and basement are full and we continue to have people drop off items for our future sales.  So how can you help? We are asking that if you are planning on making a donation to our church for future sales that you not bring them at this time.  For the next few months, until the flooring project is completed, we will need to move “stuff” and utilize upstairs space for all the items we have. We will let you know when we will be starting our sales again and have room for all those items that you would like to donate. Thank you for your continued support of our church and the missions of our church. We are so happy to be a part of this community!


If you have questions about our flooring project, please contact the church office at 207-743-2290.   Monetary donations for the flooring project may be sent to the Second Congregational Church, P.O. Box 164, Norway, Maine 04268.  Please write in the memo line – Flooring. 






Our Church Council met last night and we reviewed our Covid-19 protocols and discussed the recommendation that we received from the Maine Council of Churches.  As a result of that discussion, the Church Council members voted to move to virtual worship effective this Sunday for the rest of this month.  


Based on current information and the projection that the next couple of weeks could lead to increased cases, which in turn will put more pressure on our health care providers and hospitals, we decided to take this step that will help decrease the pressure on our local hospital and medical providers.


Our service will continue to be online and will be presented virtually from the church.  Rev. Sara and limited members of our service team will be present at each service over the rest of the month.  Our services will look different and may be a bit shorter, however Sara and this team will ensure that God's message will be shared.


We know that some members of our congregation do not have internet access and are unable to participate online.  Those few people will be informed that they will be welcome to attend service in person, wearing a mask and observing the necessary social distance between others present.


Our goal will be to discuss this at our annual meeting, scheduled for January 23 to determine at that time if we can return to in-person worship in February.


Below is a message from Rev. Sara:

"During the time of virtual worship, pastoral office hours are on Thursdays from 9am-2pm with the addition of Tuesdays from 9am-2pm. Calling ahead is recommended to be sure that there isn't another person in the office. The air purifier will be running, the office door will be open, and masks and social distance are mandatory.


I will also be working on an outdoor gathering: "Valentines are for the birds."  This will be held on Sunday Feb 6nd, snow date Feb 13th at 1pm Folks are invited to come to the parking lot, and there will be materials on a table to make an old fashioned bird treats with pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. Folks can bring snacks to share, and warm drinks, blankets, and chairs for themselves. This is an opportunity to gather outside and visit, and make something for one of God's creations!"








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